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Újabb karácsonyunk Tiszabőn

Christmas in Tiszabő again

This year was the fifth time we have collected donations for Tiszabő, but as we promised last Christmas, we were looking for other ways to keep in touch with the regional office of the Malteser International Relief Agency in Tiszabő.
Every year, Krisztina Tasi, the head of the regional office, informed us about what the children needed and what their heart’s desire was, and we tried to make it come true also this year. In 2022, however, we wanted to surprise the children, so we organised a trip to the CSOPA Science Center „Palace of Wonders” for them, where they had a lot of experiences.
Our new Christmas short film captures the festive meeting in Tiszabő, the presentation of gifts and the trip to the CSOPA Science Center „Palace of Wonders” and we wish with this short video all our guests visiting our website
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We thank UNIQA-Invest Kft, Euroguide Coach and Travel Kft, AGR Auto Kft and Daryl Patrick (Bowman & Company LLP, USA) for their donations!