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Global Mobility

Alliott Group Member Fehér Legal & Tax and 17 other member firms collaborate to Co-Sponsor Key Global Mobility Industry Event in London

From 20-21 November 2019, a 27-person global team of tax advisers, immigration experts and lawyers from 18 member firms in 12 countries join forces once again under the Alliott Group/Global Mobility banner to co-sponsor the annual Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) EMEA Summit in London.
Alliott Group’s investment and involvement in this event extends to an exhibition stand and a 30-minute keynote presentation which will be delivered by four of the alliance’s global mobility specialists: Kathleen Gaber (Masuda Funai, USA); Graeme Kirk (Ellisons, UK); Luc Lamy (Tax Consult, Belgium); and David Gibbs (Alliotts, UK). Their session will shine a light on some of the lesser known aspects of international assignments that our experts see overlooked time and time again, including marijuana, death in service, visa issues and family rights.
The representative member firms in London forming the international team include: SobelCo, Masuda Funai and Farkouh Furman & Faccio (all USA), Guggenheim & Associés (Switzerland), Ellisons Solicitors, Alliotts and Sherrards Solicitors (all UK), Asontas (Austria), Borrie Expatriate Services (Netherlands), BĒS ASSOCIATI, Studio Internazionale and B4LEX (all Italy), audalis (Germany), Tax Consult (Belgium), Dixcart Management Malta (Malta), Dixcart Trust Corporation (Guernsey), Fehér Legal & Tax (Hungary), and ABV Advogados (Portugal).
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