Legal, tax and accounting services from a single source

Hungarian as a foreign language course

For the relocating employees of companies and for expat private clients, we launch Hungarian as a foreign language course in private or in small groups at all levels to make it easier to stay in Hungary and, if necessary, to settle down.

Accounting services

Bookkeeping, payroll


  • Continuous information on tax changes
  • Continuous availability
  • Personal consultations including a review of the company’s financial and tax situation
  • Periodical reports and communiqués in the language and format of your choice
  • Bookkeeping
  • Representation before the tax authorities
  • Preparation and publication of statutory annual statements and reports
  • Completion and submission of tax returns


  • Dedicated payroll manager with legal support
  • Uniquely designed incentive plans (developing “cafeteria” systems)
  • Electronic payroll register and electronic receipt journal
  • Preparation of general ledger posting in the required structure
  • Cost center (organizational unit) administration

Dissolution of a company by voluntary liquidation

Liquidation can be initiated upon the dissolution of the company without a legal successor if the legal conditions for this act are met. We help our clients to find out whether this is a viable option for their company and what conditions must be met for the liquidation to be carried out.

We support our clients in coordinating the process of liquidation, preparing decisions and documents, and in consultation with the authorities. We coordinate creditor receivables, if any, prepare reports and statements.

Tax due diligence of own business

A due diligence of own company may take place in the event of a change of ownership or management in order to assess risks and to operate transparently, but also with the intention of rationalisation and optimisation.

During the due diligence, we examine the areas according to the needs of the owners and the management – but usually a comprehensive examination - during which we cover the company's activities, structure, contractual relations, financial situation analysis, but also the cost and expense analysis, disputed transactions and their expected impacts, accounting compliance, and a number of other aspects that are summarized in a report.

Due-diligence before acquisition

We help our clients make a substantial decision and minimize the investment risks inherent in a company acquisition. Upon request, we participate in the preparatory work as well.

During the due diligence, we examine the company’s legality, business and employment contracts, licenses, insurances, financial condition, assets, and summarize our views in a comprehensive report prior to the legal transaction.

Planning and arrangement of transformation of companies

From planning the transformations to finding its right form and tax consequences to complying with the law, we can participate in every step, and we perform this complex task quickly and efficiently with the coordinated work of the legal, tax and accounting areas.

We assist in the preparation of official documents and manage the process in constant contact, monitoring the observance of deadlines so that our clients meet all the usual administrative obligations.

Due diligence

We get to know the business of your company, we get an accurate picture of the processes, and with the knowledge of the current economic factors of the sector, structure and characteristics of the company, we prepare a report on the areas that the management can adapt in order to be as efficient as possible.

Here, too, the advantage of our “one stop shop” service is that our tax, legal and accounting experts perform their tasks in cooperation, as their coordinated work is especially important in a due diligence.

Tax planning

Tax planning should not be confused with tax avoidance! We help our clients, within the framework of the law, to use the opportunities and take advantage of the benefits available, which, built into the law, consciously help the entrepreneur to achieve their business goals.

Tax planning also means expert support for start-ups, for which the development of a business model is a fundamental task. Through our intertwined legal and accounting activities, our “one stop shop” service allows us to participate in every step of starting a business, from company formation through tax planning, and in addition to our ongoing advice, we can help the business function in a changing tax enviroment.

Tax advising

We help our clients to find the most optimal solutions for them in the complex network of laws and regulations to ensure the compliance of the company structure, activity and business with the laws and the efficient and economical operation.

We send information about changes in the law in a newsletter, and we also hold lectures and workshops on request.

Our scientific works are published in professional publications, and we also undertake proofreading and copy editing in the field of tax and social security law.