Tax and Social Insurance Law

Tax and social insurance law are one of the main fields of our law firm and our tax advisor company.

  • Representation in tax issues, legal and tax advisor representation in tax procedures, tax audits, representation before tax authority, in court proceedings in connection with taxes, VAT or penal law cases
  • Consultancy and representation related to tax abuses, tax evasion, evasion of VAT, evasion of social insurance payments, fraud, tax shortage, VAT shortage, missing trader fraud (MTIC), VAT carousel
  • Consultancy and legal services related to personal income tax, corporation tax, trade tax and other regional taxes
  • Solving of problems in international taxation
  • Legal review of cross-border, international business in aspect of company-, tax-, and labour law, establishment of branch office abroad or in Hungary, tax review of the operation of existing branch offices
  • Legal review of employment abroad, draft of posting agreements, solving of problems in connection with foreign currency contributions
  • legal review of country of residence issue of Hungarian living abroad or foreigners living in Hungary
  • Legal assistance in issues related to personal income tax and social insurance tax
  • Legal review of issues related to corporate tax and trade tax in case of cross-board actions, business of companies
  • legal advice in connection with EU Tax Law question (VAT directive, Directive VI)
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