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40 éves az Alliott Group

Alliott Group celebrates 40th anniversary!

Five founding members have established the Alliott Group to offer an alternative to the Big 4 in 1979, thereby making international consultancy available with a single source to small and medium-sized enterprises.
The history of Alliott Group in numbers until now: 40 years 70 countries, 170 members! The continuous development was celebrated by 200 participants from all over the World. The participants remembered not just the results of the previous 40 years but discussed the direction of the further development.The alliance of lawyers and accountants plans to become one of the TOP 10 leading worldwide alliances by 2021 keeping up at the same time the very close and personal relationship with the clients and the members.
Mid-market member firms often with family background render compared to the giant and impersonally firms competitive alternatives to the small and medium enterprises as well as to private persons requiring advising in the field of international private wealth who wish a local adviser with confidence and at the same time with international background and complex knowledge.
Fehér Legal & Tax is proud to be part of the success since 2018 and as exclusive Hungarian member of the Alliott Group to render in a unique manner in Hungary complex legal, taxation and accounting one stop shop services for SME’s at home and abroad.