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Final decision on validity of certificates A1

The proceedings have been initiated on France’s social security authorities’ international request against R. Kft. In its request the French social security body proposed that Sz. District Administrators’ Office rescinds all A1 certificates issued to the address of R. Kft. for the purpose of posting its employees retroactively for the preceding five years, because terms and conditions of posting were not met and therefore, social security contribution amounting to nearly one billion with related surcharges and fines in connection with work of posted employees have to be subsequently paid in France.  
R. Kft. was represented by Fehér and Partners Law Office with the support of Fehér Tax Kft. and they have built up their professional strategy on basis of legal rules of EU and practice of Court of Justice of the European Union. 
The representation was extremely effective and successful since the General department for family support and social security of Sz. District Administrators’ Office has stated on basis of expressed professional position and evidentiary procedure that posting routine of R. Kft. meets legal regulations in all respects. 
As a result of this decision R. Kft. could be released from legal consequences causing financial disadvantages amounting to billions and its employees could remain subject to Hungarian social security system.