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Expat Academy Amszterdamban

Expat Academy in Amsterdam – we participate in the event

On 11th February 2020, Fehér Legal & Tax will collaborate with European based firms from our international alliance (Alliott Group) to sponsor the Expat Academy’s European Super-Huddle in Amsterdam. 
The conference at The Hilton Amsterdam will bring the alliance’s experts in tax, social security, immigration, payroll and compliance advisory services together with approximately 100 global mobility and HR directors from an impressive range of public and private companies.
Dr Dániel Fehér adds: “This will be our international alliance’s fifth conference sponsorship in the global mobility sector. It gives Fehér Legal & Tax the opportunity to demonstrate the expertise we offer to clients facing compliance and strategic challenges linked to their employees who live and work in different jurisdictions. Together with our Alliott Group colleagues across Europe and the world, we provide seamless, high calibre services to companies entering our country or sending people in and out of different countries for short or extended periods.”