Legal, tax and accounting services from a single source

Data Protection

In connection with protection of personal data companies take more and more conscious care, they care to collect, transfer and use personal data legally. Our firm aims to strengthen this intention and we have deep experience from the practice in issues regarding data-protection. We are at our clients’ service especially in the fields below:

  • Draft of data protection rules
  • Draft and legal review of data-processing agreements
  • Data protection at work place, monitoring of employees, protection of data of employees
  • Adatvédelmi nyilvántartásba történő bejelentkezés során képviselet
  • Data-protection audit
  • Legal advice in sale and purchase of databases
  • Legal review of website from legal point of view of data protection and field for registration for newsletters, eDMs
  • Legal review and advice on collecting, using and processing of personal data

Consumer Protection

As legal representative, lawyer of companies we provide legal advice and have several years of experience in the following areas of consumer protection law:

  • Legal review of general terms and conditions in view of consumer protection law, legal review of rules regarding consumers
  • Legal advice in connection with unfair commercial practices, unfair terms and conditions
  • Legal advice in warranty, product warranty, product liability cases
  • Legal review of warranty cards, information on packaging and labelling of products

  • Legal review of advertisements and informing of consumers
  • Legal representation at court or before the Hungarian Consumer Protection Authority or Hungarian Competition Authority
  • Legal advice in settlement and dealing of the consumer complains

Copyright law

We offer wide range consultancy and legal services for our clients in copyright issues. Our clients at this area are mainly advertising agencies, writers, and musicians.

Our experiences:

  • Draft and legal review of licence agreements, contracts for picturing, making films, producer agreements, publishing agreements, contracts
  • Tax advice regarding royalty fees
  • Advice regarding legal protection of advertising ideas, concepts, campaigns, creatives
  • Draft of stipulations, rules of contracts regarding copyright

  • Legal advice on lawful using of photos, videos
  • Cases and rules of fair use
  • Legal consultancy, advice for advertising agencies, musicians, writers for legal protection of their work
  • Legal representation in court an before authorities in copyright issues, violation of copyrights

Public Procurement

Our public procurement advisor can render you effective and highly qualified help in the issues below:

  • Full legal advice for clients requesting for offers and clients giving offer regarding the steps of public procurement
  • Legal review and draft of announcements, documents, templates

  • Legal assistance in participation at public procurement, setting guidances, giving offers
  • Legal representation and advice regarding remedies

Debt Collection

Professionals of our law firm dealing with debt collection work with the best effective means in order to collect your outstandings as fast as possible and on economic ways.

  • Management of outstandings, draft of payment notices, filing claims for dunning procedure, judicial procedures, liquidation, execution,

  • Consultancy in connection with work-out issues, on-line company and covering monitoring, draft or work-out reports

Insurance Law

Our lawyers being qualified in insurance law act in all issues in this field such as operation of insurance companies, furthermore:

  • Establishment of insurance companies in Hungary, legal services at setting up of their operational background
  • Draft and review of insurance policies, rules and conditions of insurance contracts, agent contracts, insurance broker contracts, draft of systems of settlement of internal provisions
  • Collection of outstanding provisions, legal representation in suits for provision claims
  • Legal representing at and out of court concerning insurance, car damage, indemnification or personal injuries

Family Law and Law Of Succession

In that case you are planning to marry or would like to divorce, make a testament or need help in composition proceeding, contact us for legal help with confidence.

  • Legal representation in separation procedures regarding dividing of property, child custody, child support, procedure for determining the descent or procedure regarding the legal capacity to act
  • Draft of agreement regarding matrimonial property

  • Draft of testaments, testamentary contracts
  • Legal representation in inheritance procedure regarding real property in Hungary, in judicial procedure in connection with testamentary contracts

Economic law

The Fehér Legal Law Office and the Fehér Tax Kft. are at their clients’ service in all the fields of economic law, especially:

  • Company establishment, draft of deed of foundation or articles of associations of companies
  • Draft of labour agreements or other agreement for employment
  • Draft of trade contracts, national and international sale and purchase agreements, franchise Contracts, agent agreements, transport and delivery contracts
  • Tax consultancy in connection with different contracts
  • Legal representation at court in economic law issues for example in warranty disputes, debt collection or in other contractual cases
  • Legal representation in criminal law procedures in cases of fraud, embezzlement, budget fraud

Representation in Court

Should your case not be settled in an amicable way, out of court, the attorney of our Law Office are at your side with their wide-range experience in judicial cases.

Legal representation at court in civil law, labour law, tax- and social security law, law of succession, family law, economic and tax criminal proceedings

Property law

The Fehér Legal Law Office provide legal services as part of the full services in consultancy representation at court and out of court regarding all property law issues especially in the following areas:

  • Draft and review of sale and purchase agreements of flats, houses, lots, industrial properties Or any other real properties, representation at business meetings;
  • Draft and review of tenancy, lease contracts of flats, apartments, houses, offices
  • Tax consultancy in connection with real property (sale and purchase, lease, AIRBNB, tenancy, etc.)
  • Legal representation before the Land Registry
  • Legal representation real property suits

  • Consultancy, representation, enforcements of claims in case of the outstanding of lease, non-paid-lease
  • Draft of deed of foundations and rules of operation of condominiums, office parks, office buildings
  • Legal audit, due diligence of office buildings, condominiums, hotels
  • Consultancy in building issues, legal representation in connection with building permits

Advertising Law

One of our main profiles is rendering legal services in advertising law. Because of the outsourcing that marks this area, our clients are generally the advertising and creative, media agencies. We are happy to render legal services directly to advertisers as well.

The legal advice in advertising law is probably one of the most complex legal fields, because by this issues are intellectual property law, copyright law, data protection law, consumer protection law and competition law also affected. Beyond these issues we provide legal services in the following areas:

  • Legal review of unfair commercial practises
  • Legal advice and review of ATL and BTL, offline or online promotions, direct marketing
  • Legal review of creatives, giving legal advice
  • Audit of trademarks and representation in trade mark incorporations
  • Draft and review of contract for event management, promotions, subcontractor agreements
  • Draft or review of agency framework agreements, sponsor contracts

Labour Law

  • One of our main profession focuses are legal advice and legal representation in labour law issues. Our clients are in this field typically companies as employers and inland companies with international background.
  • Draft, review, assessment, amendment of labour contract
  • Draft, review, assessment of manager contracts
  • Draft and review of non-compete agreements, learning agreements
  • Legal advice and legal services in connection with termination of employment relationship, draft of ordinary or extraordinary notice of termination, termination agreements
  • Legal advice related to work-schedule, wage benefits, downtime payments
  • Legal review of wage system, legal advice for modification of wage system
  • Draft of employment rules, rules of premium, other rules issued by the employer
  • Legal representation of employers or employees at court or out of court proceedings
  • All-inclusive consultancy in accidents at work place, representation at court or before authorities
  • Filing claims for social insurance repayments, legal representation in suits against social insurance law
  • Labour audit


Tax and social insurance law are one of the main fields of our law firm and our tax advisor company.

  • Representation in tax issues, legal and tax advisor representation in tax procedures, tax audits, representation before tax authority, in court proceedings in connection with taxes, VAT or penal law cases
  • Consultancy and representation related to tax abuses, tax evasion, evasion of VAT, evasion of social insurance payments, fraud, tax shortage, VAT shortage, missing trader fraud (MTIC), VAT carousel
  • Consultancy and legal services related to personal income tax, corporation tax, trade tax and other regional taxes
  • Solving of problems in international taxation
  • Legal review of cross-border, international business in aspect of company-, tax-, and labour law, establishment of branch office abroad or in Hungary, tax review of the operation of existing branch offices
  • Legal review of employment abroad, draft of posting agreements, solving of problems in connection with foreign currency contributions
  • legal review of country of residence issue of Hungarian living abroad or foreigners living in Hungary
  • Legal assistance in issues related to personal income tax and social insurance tax
  • Legal review of issues related to corporate tax and trade tax in case of cross-board actions, business of companies
  • legal advice in connection with EU Tax Law question (VAT directive, Directive VI)