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Fehér Legal & Tax presents on new Hungarian immigration system

The experts of Fehér Legal & Tax present in cooperation with Wolters Kluwer Hungary in three-part series of Global Mobility lectures on the new Hungarian immigration system. The presentation will help you to adapt to the new immigration code and to ensure that third-country nationals can find employment in Hungary without problems. It will also […]

The Golden Visa is back in the Hungarian immigration regulation

The new Act XC of 2023 on the General Rules for the Entry and Residence of Third-Country Nationals, or the Btátv for short has recently entered into force. The Act introduces a new Golden Visa for investors. The so-called Visitor Investor Visa is granted to investors who have one of the following investments or who […]

The new Hungarian immigration system will soon be put to test

The new Act XC of 2023 on the General Rules for the Entry and Residence of Third-Country Nationals, or the Btátv for short, was published in the Hungarian Gazette on 21 December 2023 and entered into force on 1 January 2024, but its application is still awaited. Although there were earlier governmental attempts that the […]

Our managing partner Dr. Dániel Fehér was a podcast guest

Our Managing Partner, Dr. Dániel Fehér, lawyer (H, D) and tax advisor, was featured on the Perspektive Ausland Podcast in German, where he talked about Hungary, company formation and the beneficial tax system. Fehér Legal & Tax advises a significant number of German-speaking clients on legal and tax issues in Hungary. For further information please […]

Christmas gifts for the children of Tiszabő – for the 6th time

The Attendance Program of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta in Tiszabő, under the leadership of Krisztina Tasi, has been working tirelessly since 2016 to help the Roma community living there. With their sacrifice and perseverance, they have given purpose and meaning to the people from a cumulatively disadvantaged background, and in […]

Strategic discussion with Dixcart Malta partners

Our partners, Daniel Fehér, Janos Sachs and Jenő Fehér had the honour to welcome our Alliott Global Alliance friends, Henno Kotze and Nathan Hellmann from Dixcart Malta and have a great meeting on common business development possibilities. Our partners introduced furthermore the advantages of doing business in Hungary in particular the very competitive Hungarian tax […]

Corporate wine gifts are tax free from November 2023 in Hungary   

From 16 November 2023, companies can give wine and sparkling wine as business gifts and small value gifts free of personal income tax and social contribution tax. Wine dinners and wine tastings with business purpose may also become cheaper because the tax exemption includes wine gifts in representative and non-representative hospitality. Wine products given as […]

XX. Hungarian Labour Law Conference, Visegrád

Our managing partner Dr Dániel Fehér was also a speaker at the XX Hungarian Labour Law Conference organised by Wolters Kluwer Hungary. As a Global Mobility expert of the Alliott Global Alliance® he presented among others on the labour, tax and social security law aspects of foreign workers’ employment in Hungary as well as the […]

Alliott Global Alliance’s Worldwide Conference Athens, Greece 2023

Taking part in a worldwide conference of a global alliance and representing both our firm and our country is always an honour, in particular to meet more than 160 colleagues from 52 countries and spending a few days with them in an unforgettable atmosphere. But how a client of Fehér Legal & Tax can benefit […]

Complaints Act

Act XXV of 2023, which is known as the Complaints Act, entered into force on 25 May 2023. The new Complaints Act makes it compulsory for employers above a certain number of employees and for employers regardless of the number of employees to operate an internal misuse reporting system. Staff number categories and implementation deadlines […]