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Alliott Group Global Mobility konferencia

We will participate in the FEM Global Mobility Forum in Amsterdam

We will participate as members of Alliott Group in the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) Global Mobility on 7 March in Amsterdam.

Alliott Group as co-sponsor of the forum will be represented by a 20-person-strong multidisciplinary global team of tax advisers, immigration experts and lawyers at Europe’s Leading Global Mobility Event. This one-day conference will bring together over 300 global mobility and HR professionals from some 100 international companies like IKEA,, Nike, Heineken, Unilever and Samsung. Fehér Legal & Tax is extremely proud to strengthen Alliott Group’s professional Global Mobility Team in this event and introduce its wide legal and taxation services within the scope of Global Mobility.

For further details please see the press release of Alliott Group in English: