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We helped so that little Julia can be accommodated with her father!

The little girl in the picture is Julia (let’s call her that). Julia was recently born, and her mother decided against her and hid her birth from the child’s foreign father. The adoption process was almost over when the father, who does not speak Hungarian, was informed and asked the Fehér Legal & Tax’s Global Mobility Team for help.
The team responsible for international custody matters had the biological father’s fatherhood, as well as his right to parental care, recognized within a few months with quick and coordinated work.
The employees of Fehér Legal & Tax are very proud and very happy that Julia can spend Christmas at home with her father and his family, and at the same time thank the foster parents and the employees of the guardianship office of the town (…) for their extremely human and helpful attitude to the matter.
(On the picture are Julia with her foster mother and Dr Jenő Fehér, Dr. János Szax Partner Lawyers and Dr Szandra Reim from the Global Mobility Team of Fehér Legal & Tax.)